Challenging the status quo is always worth it.


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Bold Group offers business consulting with a twist in the fields of operational excellence, organizational transformation and innovation.

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In the past 15 years and 250+ projects in 46 industries and over 30 countries we have partnered with successful companies like BMW, Eli Lilly, P&G, Shell or Siemens. Together we seized opportunities and tackled challenges ranging from product development, process optimization to change management and strategy.

Take a look at our latest case studies below or see all success stories.

Innovating Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Engagement in Pharma

5 steps towards more fruitful relationships with Health Care Professionals. More than ever, pharmaceutical companies depend on good relationships with Key Opinion Leaders to develop effective drugs that improve patient care and ultimately turn a profit. These...
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Iteratively Improving Patient Care

Improving Rheuma patient care with Abbvie using agile methodology.

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Opening 1000+ Stores every Year.

Helping CP ALL open new 7/11 convenience stores in a third the time – at no extra cost.

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Agile development of a USD 12 BN tender

Developing the value proposition for a USD 12.6 Bn oil field development together with Shell and Petronas.

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Clarifying Customer Value

Clarifying the customer value of an omni-directional hearing aid for Siemens.

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Learning Innovation on the job

Building innovation capabilities of large organizations with more than just a training.

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Lean Giant – Process Optimization

Saving 30% on the construction of BASF’s chemical plants with an optimized and lean process.

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Helping the world’s largest manufacturer to a more efficient production.

Helping the world’s largest manufacturer of canned tuna to be more efficient.

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Catering to SMEs with new Services

Developing new logistic services for DHL’s SME clients in Mexico.

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Improving BMW’s production process

Breaking fixedness to improve BMW’s production process of premium automobiles.

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It pays off to be bold.

It does not necessarily mean to re-invent everything.
Just ask yourself this question: Is everything you do as effective and efficient as it can be?

The answer is likely not yes. This is the rational behind challenging even small technical details on a regular basis. These incremental optimizations will set free resources, empowering you to challenge the status quo of the bigger picture, building the future.

George Lucas passes on a higher salary

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