Innovation Consulting

Challenging the status quo is always worth it. This is why you innovate.

Innovation is worth the investment – from a financial as well as a philosophical stand point. Wherever you want to challenge the status quo. We are here to ensure that it is worth it for you.

Innovation is a tool for progress.

And it can be applied anywhere to add value and to achieve long term goals. Bold Group enables organizations to apply the tool of innovation successfully and sustainably. 

Over the past 15 years, we have done exactly that in 46 industries and in over 30 countries for clients like BMW, Eli Lilly, P&G, Shell or Siemens.

Innovate to improve operational excellence

Cost Savings

Process Optimization: Beyond Lean and Six Sigma – renew your supply chains and other business processes through innovation.

Design to Cost: We aim at solutions that are close to your existing world. This makes the approach ideal for reducing costs of products or projects.

Better Output

Problem Solving: Understand the problem world rather than one single root cause to uncover counter-intuitive solutions.

Counter-intuitive Project Management: Predict and avoid pitfalls from the very beginning.

Improving BMW’s production process globally

Innovate to transform organizations

Skillful & Happy People

Organizational Development: Anticipate change through continuous, strategic organization development instead of reorganizing (and paralyzing) your entire organization when times call for it.

Learning Programs: Customized learning programs, which enable participants to actually make a difference in their organization when it comes to innovation challenges.

Future-Proof Ways Of Working

Organizational Transformation: Validate & Deploy interim results in the change process instead of surprising your organization with the final result.

Learning Innovation on the job.

Innovate to shape the future

Profitable Innovation

Innovation Strategy: When the right tool meets a strategic fit and targeted actions you can be sure to make the right investments.

Innovation Management: Enable, manage and control the Innovation efforts in your organization.

Tomorrow's Growth Drivers

Product & Service Innovation: Based on proper insighting we can ask provocative questions following our systematic innovation tools. The tools help to uncover hidden potential that make a real difference in the market.

Business Model Innovation: Disrupting your own business loses its scariness if you do so systematically and by validating your assumptions.

Trends & Foresighting: Trends and new technologies matter. Get a clear picture of your opportunities and blind spots.

Product Innovation in Ceramics leading to a Clean USP

The Bold Way means a new kind of business consulting – one with an innovative twist.

Provocation. We have learned what questions we need to ask in order to trigger change. The methods we have developed provoke teams to unlearn what they belief to be the sole reality, to challenge their assumptions, and to help them design their own new reality.

We are experts in the most effective ideation methodology: Systematic Inventive Thinking, short: SIT.
Learn about Systematic Inventive Thinking.

Co-Creation. We work with you, across all levels. Instead of telling you how to run your business we co-creatively develop solutions with you and your employees – solutions your organization owns and is actually thrilled to realize.

Validation. Being agile means not only questioning your assumptions but actively trying to validate them, before investing a lot of resources. This way of thinking can be applied to far more than just consumer products.

Being Bold pays off.

Work with us to apply Innovation in your organization.

If you are curious about our methods and tools or have a concrete challenge at hand, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

Be Bold and join the team.


We are always looking for talented individuals to work with and learn from. Be it consultants, designers, interns, students or freelancers.