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Classic business consulting usually follows an outside-in approach: External experts are expected to know best how to run your business professionally. Thus, organizations with a need for renewal or change often bring in consulting teams to analyze their businesses and processes and to suggest what should be changed in order to achieve better results.

Over the years in the consulting business we have learned that all too often, the resulting strategies are too general and disregard company-specifics, that they ignore employees and their natural fear of change, and that the responsible people eventually are left alone when it finally comes to implementation.
The Bold Way is inside-out. We co-create with your people and enable them to come up with and realize solutions they own and that make a difference in your organization. We have a powerful toolkit and, by the way, a rock-star track record. And we are dedicated to deliver impactful results based on your existing resources.

We support you and your organization in all aspects when seeking for renewal or change. Learn more about why it pays to be bold:

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The Bold Group’s Core Principles

Inside Out

Of course, we do bring an outside perspective and our expertise. But more importantly, we engage with the experts within your organization. We start with what is already there and facilitate your very own potential, making a difference from within.


We have learned what questions we need to ask in order to trigger change. The methods we have developed provoke teams to unlearn what they belief to be the sole reality, to challenge their assumptions, and to help them design their own new reality.


We work with you, across all levels. Instead of telling you how to run your business we co-creatively develop solutions with you and your employees – solutions your organization owns and is actually thrilled to realize.

Systematic Inventive Thinking

Ideating inside the box, SIT starts with what is already there and applies counter-intuitive tools to uncover hidden potentials and to generate implementable solutions. It is a strictly systematic approach, following a structured process based on scientific research.

Read more about SIT


Laziness and impatience can lead to better business decisions – in other words:
Do as little as possible to know as much and as soon as you can.
Being agile means not only questioning your assumptions but actively trying to validate them, before investing a lot of resources. This way of thinking can be applied to far more than just consumer products.

Eli Lilly about the Bold Group
Michael P McGrath (Eli Lilly & Company) about the Bold Way
“In a world begging for alternatives to the usual ineffectiveness of the usual methods, they are not USUAL. Don’t use this group if you want standard procedure. A hallmark of this unconventional group is that they incorporate, indeed, rely upon, the active inclusion of client experience and thinking as critical success factors. Thoughtful yet dynamic they lead clients to confront their personal and corporate conventions in thinking, analysis, process… and then enable the team to escape these constraints and define creative, doable stretch-goals for the organization. Releasing client energy to build creative yet relevant solutions and drive change within an organization in ways one could not have imagined prior to having worked with them. Seldom has project work been so fulfilling, creative and, seemingly, enjoyable.”


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